Hearing Aid Verification

What is Hearing Aid Verification?

Hearing aid verification is a measurable way to ensure the hearing aid is performing as expected and as programmed. This is crucial to protect your investment in your hearing.


There are two quantitative ways to verify your hearing aid is working correctly:


  • In a test chamber: This is where we put your hearing aid into a test chamber to measure the sound capture and output to compare them to expected levels.
  • Probe evaluation: For this test we measure the performance of the hearing aid by placing a small probe near your ear canal and measuring the output of your device.


We compare the results from both tests to the results of your recent hearing evaluation and the manufacturers recommended settings, to make sure the device is working as expected.

Think of a hearing aid verification test as performing a quality control check on your device.

How does this differ from Hearing Aid Validation

Hearing aid verification is the process of testing to ensure the device was manufactured and programmed correctly. Hearing aid validations are more patient-centric and involve personalization of settings. For example we test the sound levels for comfort, that directional performance is as expected, and that the feedback cancelling and noise reduction technology is calibrated.

Why you should get a hearing aid verification test

The factory default settings on your hearing aid are generally not optimal for your unique hearing difficulties and ear measurements. Hearing aids are an investment (in dollars and/or time to get used to a new way of hearing) so you want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for and can experience optimal hearing. That’s the goal of hearing aid verification and validation tests: to ensure your hearing aid is providing you with the best possible hearing experience.


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