Speech Mapping

What is Speech Mapping?

Sometimes when verifying and fitting a hearing aid, the sounds used to perform these calibrations are not relevant to some of the sounds that you will be looking to hear; for example, the voice of a family member. The solution to this is provided by “speech mapping” systems such as Aurical Visible Speech from GN Otometrics, Audioscan’s Verifit, DSM-PRO from MedRx, Interacoustics Affinity, Visible Speech Mapping from Madsen, and Frye Electronics Live Speech Testing. Alph hearing provides speech mapping using such systems, and can provide a visual display of the short-term spectrum of sounds in the ear canal of the hearing aid user, and provide a direct indication of the audibility of sounds that are important for the user, such as the speech of a partner or other relative.

A major advantage of the speech mapping approach is that the effective amplification provided by the hearing aid can be assessed using realistic, real world signals such as speech or music and with the aid in its normal mode of operation (with features such as feedback cancellation and noise reduction enabled, if appropriate). Because of this, the influence of factors such as number and bandwidth of channels, compression speed, etc., is automatically taken into account as the testing is performed live.

Further to this, any effects of feedback cancellation or noise reduction on the performance of the aid are automatically included in the test. Effectively, what you see is what you get. The uncertainties and errors produced by other methods of testing are non-existent. Alph Hearing is able to provide this superior method of testing and calibration. With speech mapping, we are able to limit the number of follow-up calibrations and fittings, provide a better quality of fitting and result for our clients – increasing satisfaction, and save all of our clients money and time.

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