Custom Mold Sleeping Products

Your sleep is important to Alph Hearing – we know the health issues that come along with not getting a full night’s sleep reliably. On top of this, frustration can mount and mood can lessen. Our custom-made sleep plugs are tailored to match your exact ear shape and size. Unlike traditional foam plugs, they fit snugly into your ears and stay put throughout the night – that’s what makes them the best ear plugs for sleeping.

Made for comfort which lasts throughout the entire night, you’ll notice a huge reduction in the audio you hear from others snoring, as well as other annoying noises that intrude upon your sleep. They are equally effective for traveling and for other moments you just want peace and quiet. Our custom ear plugs come in a variety of colours, and are the easiest and most effective sleep ear plugs in Vancouver, the Greater Vancouver Regional District, and the Lower Mainland.

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