Hearing Aid Repairs

Like any piece of technology, hearing aids break or need repair. Our mobile hearing aid repair service will come to you to help diagnose and repair your hearing aids.

What causes hearing aids to break?

Hearing aids can fail or operate at less than peak performance for various reasons. They are exposed to moisture and ear wax on a daily basis and that is often a contributing factor that leads them into disrepair.


Time also takes a toll on these devices. Even with the best care and maintenance, like any piece of technology, they will deteriorate over time. While most hearing aid repair services can be completed by our mobile team, if the repair is more extensive or costly, we can help you upgrade or replace your device.

Can I do repairs myself?

Here are examples of hearing aid repairs services you can try yourself before calling us:

  • Battery replacement
  • Removal and reinsertion of your hearing aid
  • Hearing aid cleaning
  • Wax filter replacement
  • Opening/closing of battery department
  • Battery maintenance
  • Input setting calibrations

What hearing aid repair services does Alph Hearing offer?

First, we will try all of the above simple repairs to see if that fixes the problem. Then we can perform additional tests to pinpoint exactly where your hearing aid is failing. Once the issue has been found, we can provide and install replacement parts. We carry parts and supplies to fix most hearing aids on-site.

However, if the issue is more serious and can’t be fixed by our mobile team on-site, we can send it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement on your behalf or assist in selecting a replacement hearing aid if that’s your preferred option.

What hearing aid brands do you offer repair services for?

We service virtually all makes and models of hearing aids and will come to your home, office,

assisted living facility, or even the local community centre! Just let us know where to meet you and we’ll be there to provide top-notch hearing aid repair services for you.

Contact our team now to book your hearing aid repair services appointment.

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