Custom Hearing Aids: Fittings

Hearing aids are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Custom hearing aids are the best way to ensure your investment in your hearing provides the best possible results.

What to expect during our custom hearing aid fittings

Our mobile hearing aid specialists do more than simply measure your ear for your custom hearing aid fittings. We also take the time to get know your lifestyle. This will help ensure we recommend hearing aids that best suit your needs and type of hearing loss.


Unlike other hearing clinics, Alph Hearing is 100% mobile and can meet you at home or your office, wherever is convenient to you. Because we’re mobile, the turnaround time from evaluation, custom hearing aid fitting, and manufacturing of the device is much faster than traditional hearing offices.

Learn more about the types of hearing aids we carry at Alph Hearing.


Tips for best results with your custom hearing aid fittings

We want you to hear clearly and without pain. To help ensure optimal hearing and comfort with your custom hearing aid, follow these tips:

  • Have a positive attitude: Hearing aid studies found that having a positive attitude greatly impacts your fitting and hearing aid calibration. It can take time to get used to the new sounds you’re hearing now, so be patient and work closely with your hearing professional to make sure you achieve optimal hearing.
  • Listen to your emotions: Often our patients experience different emotions when wearing their hearing aids for the first time because they are hearing sounds they haven’t heard in a long time, or never heard before. This is 100% normal and expected. Hearing the world in more detail can initially be overwhelming for some, but small adjustments to your hearing aid can make the hearing experience more clear and pleasant.
  • Wear them often: The more you wear your hearing aids after your custom hearing aid fitting, the faster you get used to them. Eventually you won’t even know they’re there!

When you’re ready for your custom hearing aid fitting or consultation, give the audiologists at Alph Hearing a call and we’ll send our mobile team to you!

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