Hearing Aid Adjustments

Our bodies are constantly changing, as are our hearing needs. When you get a hearing aid, it’s important for your comfort and safety to get regular hearing aid adjustments.

Adjustments may be needed due to changes in your body or health, because of accidental misuse or improper handling on your device, or simply because the device gets old and starts to deteriorate.

Why book regular hearing aid adjustments?

Here are a few specific reasons to book regular hearing aid adjustments:

  • Your hearing improves or worsens: The severity of your hearing condition can change overtime, and your hearing could improve or get worse. However, with regular hearing aid adjustments you can ensure your device is always providing you the clearest, most comfortable sound.
  • Your ear canal shape changes: Our bodies are constantly growing. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your hearing aid doesn’t fit as snug anymore. Adjustments to the type or shape of your hearing aid will ensure it stays comfortably in place.
  • Your lifestyle changes: A key factor in choosing a hearing aid may have included your lifestyle and activity level. If your lifestyle changes, you may need adjustments to your hearing aid so it performs at optimum levels.

Your hearing aid molds deteriorate. Over time, the ear molds can malform and deteriorate and you may notice they’re not a snug fit anymore. A new mold can be created for you so you get a better fit.

Signs you need your hearing aid adjusted.

We recommend most patients see us one to two times per year for adjustments and check-ups. Book your visit sooner if you :

  • hear whistling-like sounds coming from your hearing aid,
  • the volume unexpectedly fluctuates,
  • your hearing loss worsens,
  • you’re not able to hear sounds you once did, or
  • you experience any pain or discomfort around your ears.


Seeing an audiologist can help determine what type of hearing aid adjustments you need, whether that be reprogramming of the device, an updated hearing test, or a newly fitted device.

The mobile audiologists at Alph Hearing can help you with regular or emergency hearing aid adjustments. Give us a call to set up your appointment at your home or office today!ss.

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