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We come from a family who have been involved in the optics and hearing industry for over 20 years.

Our Story

Laura Martens, RHIP

Laura is passionate about helping individuals with hearing loss succeed, and her track record proves it. Combining her undergraduate degree in Communications with her experience in digital technology (UBC), she quickly realized the benefit to her patients in fully customized hearing aid fittings. Hearing loss is a major component to communication impairment, and leads many people to social isolation and cognitive decline.

Working as a hearing practitioner, and running two clinics, I became aware of something. Seniors in care homes, assisted living and independent (without reliable transport) are falling through the cracks, as far as their follow-ups and adjustments to ensure better hearing. And, the emotional toll is devastating, let alone the toll on physical and social health.

Laura created Alph Hearing to fulfill this need. We dedicate our services to in home hearing and after care.

Hearing is One of the Body's Five Senses...

…but listening is an art. I listen to your needs and find a fit that is perfect for you and your life.

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