Every family is different, and mine is certainly unique. I love them to bits, but there’s always time where my hearing loss interferes and affects our family dynamic. Written by Ellen Parfitt on .

Sibling Rivalries

I’d like to start with the sibling rivalry between my brother and I. All brothers and sisters fight, but our rivalry is pretty weird. We hardly ever speak… it just depends when he’s in a good mood! He’s a typical teenager. He’s addicted to his Xbox and although he’s my younger brother, he’s much taller than me!

Anyway, there’s this thing called the “echo” in my family…. basically, when we’re watching TV or having a family conversation and a topic is brought up, my brother usually cracks a joke about it. Seconds later, I always repeat it without realizing it was already said! Hence the term we use… “echo, echo.” It’s kind of weird in a way because I don’t hear them talking about the topic or the joke, but I always respond with something pretty similar… is this a normal sibling connection or what?! My brother is all about the sarcasm, he’s quick witted and knows his humour, which means he’s always first at getting the jokes out and once I’ve said it, it’s never funny anymore! My family only laughs because I’ve done the “echo” again!

My brother is a right pain, sometimes I feel like he uses my deafness to his advantage. He thinks it’s funny to not repeat himself when I didn’t hear the first time, and he likes to ‘ignore’ me so that I get annoyed he doesn’t listen. He definitely knows how to wind me up!

Family Gatherings

Family gatherings are often the trickiest situation for me.  Read More